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Read here about the best ways to maintain your garage door and get tips about winterizing it.

Reinforce security in detached garages

Some people don't get reliable garage doors when the garages are detached from their homes but the specialists of Garage Door Repair Pelham recommend thinking otherwise. Detached garages are still filled with personal stuff and are supposed to protect the car. In fact, you must reinforce the whole perimeter with light detectors and locks on the garage door.

Add windows on garage doors

Garage door windows are not placed only for aesthetic reasons. They certainly add to the appeal of the house but they'll also help you keep a bright garage basked in natural light. It will help you keep the energy expenses down and they will have excellent effects on your health if you're spending time in the garage.

Get the right cable drums

Garage door cable drums differ depending on the garage system. They are flat with slightly raised grooves for the standard-lift garage doors to keep them balanced. Vertical-lift cable drums are tall and the high-lift ones have both a raised and a flat section. So, it would depend on the system and the garage door springs.

Do not leave the remote when you lend your car

If a friend borrows your car, do not leave the garage door remote inside. Even if he or she is your friend, you would not know other people who might ride in the vehicle. As a safety precaution, remove the garage door remote from your car if someone else will be using your car.

Problem with the garage door opener

If it is not functioning as it should be, then it is possible that the sensors of the opener are blocked. In case of any obstruction to the sensors, remove the obstacle and position the sensors in such a way that they are directly across each other. It is also essential to clean the surface of the sensor in order to remove dirt, moisture etc. Reopen the garage door once again to check if the functioning is smooth now.

Make sure the hardware is not loose

Tightening up the hardware is another extremely important step in making sure that the garage door moves smoothly throughout the year. The average door moves up and down countless times during its entire length of existence. All this movement can loosen up the hardware and disrupt the functionality of the door. A socket wrench is all you need to tighten up the roller brackets and the bolts.

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